Our Bread

Think of fresh homemade bread and lazy Sunday mornings, that perfect slice out of the middle of the loaf, evenly spread with best butter and marmalade, jam, or eggs with fresh coffee or a pot of best tea.  The simplicity and pure pleasure of a wonderful weekend breakfast.  Our bread is hand made, fresh from the oven daily delivered to your door on the same day of bake.

White bread Bloomer

This classic bloomer has a lovely fluffy texture and a good golden crust.  Perfect topped with pastrami, cheese or pate to make a delicious open sandwich, or delicious simply as hot buttered toast.

White Loaf

Same delicious fresh recipe as our bloomer, baked as a loaf – great for slicing into thick wedges for a traditional rustic ploughman’s sandwich.

Wholemeal Bloomer

Soft, moist, and delicious just as it is, or you can gently oven warm and serve with piping hot home-made soup. There really is no beating a freshly homemade wholemeal bloomer.

Wholemeal Loaf 

Our soft and flavoursome wholemeal bloomer recipe, gently baked as a loaf.

Malted Crunch Cobb

Wholesome with a malty taste and soft and crunchy texture, best served with plenty of butter and your favourite jam.

Malted Crunch Loaf

Same great recipe as the malted crunch cobb, gently baked as a loaf – delicious with a selection of cheeses and pickles. 


Rustic Italian classic with a soft open texture and a deliciously crisp crust, serve with salad and dunk into good olive oil & balsamic or heat in the oven filled with salami, prosciutto or cheese for an Italian-style sandwich.

Focaccia Rosmarino

Our flat oven-baked Italian bread, made with olive oil and studded with Rosemary is bellissima!  

Serve as an antipasto or appetizer, tear and share with a good olive oil and balsamic mix, olives, humous and tzatziki.  Alternatively, simply warm in the oven, drizzle with olive oil and scatter with chunky sea salt.


Dense, nutty and filled with fruit, our Muesli loaf has honey and cinnamon added to the fresh dough.  Perfect for breakfast – toast a generous wedge and top with Greek yoghurt, a handful of lightly roasted hazelnuts and a drizzle of honey.


Our Rye has a typical dense texture with delicious earthy tones – toast, then smear with cream cheese and top with smoked salmon, cucumber rings, fresh & finely chopped tomatoes, sliced red onion and a squeeze fresh lemon juice to finish for a classic New York breakfast.